Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Unadultered Cat

I want to read this book. Written by Terry pratchitt ( query sp on that) and about cats... what a fantastic combination. Trawling Amazon for it as trying to find it in Cyprus is akin to discovering the much fabled rocking horse shit.
Checked up on the UK news this morning, the usual weather warnings and doom and gloom. Why can't the news report on good things aswell.. actually, thats a bit of a rhetorical question as i already know the answer. Good old human nature draws us to the miserable aspect of life. Its an instinctive thing, listen about the massacre of thousands of people in a far off country or read about another pour soul lost on the roads and it makes you feel that little bit better thats its not YOU or a family member. Sounds harsh but thats reality.
So, what have i done this morning?. nothing spectacular, the usual round of coffee, cleaning and shopping, the steady humdrum of life that keeps us all going. Plans for the rest of the day?. lets just say it involves more coffee, good company from friends and maybe a splash of Doctor Who... bliss!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Try Anything Once

Well, that's my motto anyway. I am fascinated by the concept of Blogs... ordinary people spilling their daily lives onto a screen, its like a live version of eastenders but without the moving pictures. How wonderful to be able to randomly witter away to no one in particular... all those things you feel like saying during the course of the day but never seem to find the time or the right moment.

So, i thought i'd give it a go, as i said... i'll try anything once.